Your Inquiries Answered

If I make a donation, what will the money be used for?

The capital costs were just over $1.3 million. We have secured 100% of those funds. Any new donations will go towards operating expenses, programming expenses and capital needed to run the Mercy Mission House Emergency Shelter.

How many people will be able to stay at the Mercy Mission House Emergency Shelter?

The plans for the shelter include the following number of beds:

  • 12 beds in the women's dormitory

  • 16 beds in the men's dormitory

  • 3 Family Units

  • 8 beds in the overflow area (which could be used for families)

  • Space for at least 20 cots to be used for short, one night stays

What agencies will be located at the new facility?

  • Alpha Community Center

  • Bridges Community Action Partnership

  • Holy Angels Soup Kitchen

  • Family Resource Center case manager

  • The Mercy Mission House Emergency Shelter

Other agencies will offer services at the new facility but will not be located on site.

Are you taking donations of items?

Yes. Please call 937-815-1777 to set up a time to drop off any donations. Items needed include towels, toiletries, wash cloths, twin sheets, blankets, hats, socks, pack and plays, children's items and more.

What should I do if I see someone in need or know of someone who needs help?

Call 937-815-1777.